a = first letter of the Spanish alphabet feminine noun

a = to preposition


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of A

: first letter of the Spanish alphabet

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English Word: a



English Translation of A

(indicating direction) : to
vamos a Méxicowe're going to Mexico
fui a casaI went home
gira a la derechaturn right
(indicating location) : at
llegué al hotelI arrived at the hotel
al fondo del pasilloat the end of the hall
a mi ladobeside me
vivo a cinco minutos de aquíI live five minutes from here
(used before direct objects referring to persons)
¿llamaste a tu papá?did you call your dad?
(used before indirect objects)
como a usted le gusteas you wish
le echó un vistazo a la páginashe glanced over the page
: in the manner of
papas a la francesafrench fries
una boda a lo Hollywooda Hollywood-style wedding
: on, by means of
a pieon foot
a manoby hand
: per, each
tres pastillas al díathree pills per day
(indicating rate or measure)
lo venden a 50 pesos el kilothey sell it for 50 pesos a kilo
a una velocidad de…at a speed of…
(indicating comparison) : to
prefiero el vino a la cervezaI prefer wine to beer
un margen de dos a unoa two-to-one margin
(indicating time) : at, on
a las dosat two o'clock
al principioat first
al saliron/upon leaving
al día siguienteon the following day
(with infinitive)
enséñales a leerteach them to read
problemas a resolverproblems to be solved

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