ajeno = alien adjective




English Translation of AJENO

: alien
nada de lo humano le es ajenoeverything human is his concern
todo le era ajeno y desconocidoeverything was strange and unknown
: of another, of others
propiedad ajenasomebody else's property
con el dinero ajenowith other people's money
puso los huevos en un nido ajenoit laid its eggs in another bird's nest
esta semana juegan en campo ajenothis week they are playing away from home
ajeno a : foreign to
según fuentes ajenas a la empresaaccording to sources outside the company
hablaron de cosas ajenas al trabajothey talked about things unconnected with work
el malhumor es ajeno a su carácterhe's not at all bad-tempered in character
reacciones ajenas a la racionalidadirrational reactions
el juez declaró que se mantendría ajeno a la políticathe judge declared that he would remain outside of politics
no es ajena a los problemas de los ciudadanosshe is not indifferent to the population's problems
siguió leyendo, ajeno a lo que sucedíashe carried on reading, oblivious to what was happening
ajeno de : devoid of, free from

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