ascenso = ascent masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of ASCENSO


Examples of ASCENSO

en el ascenso al Everest on the ascent of Everest
se produjo el ascenso de la burguesía al poder the bourgeoisie rose to power
habrá un ascenso general de las temperaturas temperatures will go up or rise everywhere
temperaturas en ascenso rising temperatures
la Bolsa experimentó un ascenso de 4,5 puntos shares on the Stock Exchange rose by 4.5 points
se quejan del ascenso de los impuestos they are complaining about the increase in taxes
preocupa el ascenso electoral de los neofascistas the increased popularity or the rise in popularity of the neo-fascists is giving cause for concern
soldados con posibilidades de ascenso soldiers with promotion prospects
su ascenso a general his promotion to the rank of general
su ascenso en la empresa ha sido impresionante his rise within the company has been extraordinary
acaban de conseguir el ascenso a primera división they have just managed to gain promotion to the first division

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