detalle = detail masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of DETALLE

: detail
entrar en detallesto go into detail
al detalle : retail
: thoughtful gesture
tener un detalle con alguiento do something nice for someone

Examples of DETALLE

al detalle in detail
con todo detalle in full detail
con todos los detalles in full detail
para más detalles vea ... for further details see ...
hasta en sus menores detalles down to the last detail
no pierde detalle he doesn't miss a trick
me observaba sin perder detalle he watched my every move
¡qué detalle! what a nice gesture
tiene muchos detalles he is very considerate or thoughtful
lo que importa es el detalle it's the thought that counts
es el primer detalle que te veo en mucho tiempo it's the first sign of consideration I've had from you in a long time
vender al detalle to retail
comercio al detalle retail trade

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Sometimes Confused With: detallé (detallar), detalle (detallar)

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