serio = serious adjective




English Translation of SERIO

: serious, earnest
¿por qué estás hoy tan serio?why are you (looking) so serious today?
su padre es muy seriohis father's a very serious person
se quedó mirándome muy seriohe looked at me very seriously
pareces muy serioyou're looking very serious
ponerse serio: se puso seria al ver la fotoshe went or became serious when she saw the photo
me voy a poner seria contigo si no estudiasI'm going to get cross with you if you don't do some studying
esto se pone seriothis is getting serious
el negro es un color demasiado serio para una niñablack is too serious or severe a color for a young girl
: reliable, responsible
es una persona poco seriahe's not very reliable
una empresa seriaa reliable firm
no es serio que ahora decidan echarse atrásit's not very responsible of them to back out now
en serio : seriously, in earnest
en serioseriously
tomar un asunto en serioto take a matter seriously
no hablaba en serioI wasn't serious
¿lo dices en serio?are you serious?
seriamente adverb

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