frente = front masculine noun

frente = forehead feminine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of FRENTE

: front
en frentein front, opposite
un ejército con su capitán al frentean army with its captain at the front
entró en Madrid al frente de las tropashe led the troops into Madrid
el Madrid sigue al frente de la clasificaciónMadrid still lead the table or are still top of the league
espero seguir al frente del festivalI hope to continue as director of the festival
estuvo al frente del Ministerio de Industriahe was Minister for Industry
un concierto con Herbert Von Karajan al frente de la Filarmónica de Berlína concert by the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Herbert Von Karajan
la casa de en frentethe house opposite
ella está frente a míshe is facing or opposite me
el barco encalló frente a la costa irlandesathe boat ran aground off the Irish coast
: facade
: front line, front
: front (in politics)
: front (in meteorology)
frente fríocold front
hay que hacer frente a las dificultadeswe have to tackle the problems
tenemos que hacer frente a grandes gastoswe are facing considerable expenses
de frente : head-on
chocar de frente a/conto run head-on into
de frente a : facing
frente a : opposite, in front of
frente a : in the face of (a crisis, etc.), against (an opponent, etc.)
estar al frente de : to be at the head of, to lead
hacer frente a : to face up to

Examples of FRENTE

frente a las cámaras in front of the cameras
me encontré frente a una situación difícil I found myself facing a difficult situation
ceder frente a una amenaza to give way to or in the face of a threat
el euro sigue fuerte frente al dólar the euro remains strong against the dollar
logró un 39% de los votos, frente al 49% de 1990 she got 39% of the vote, as against 49% in 1990
empataron frente al Santander they drew against or with Santander


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of FRENTE

frente a frente : face to face

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