que = that conjunction

que = who pronoun



English Translation of QUE

: that
dice que está listohe says (that) he's ready
espero que lo hagaI hope (that) she does it
es posible que vuelva a pasarit's possible (that) it will happen again
estaba tan cansado que casi se durmióhe was so tired (that) he almost fell asleep
me di cuenta de que era ellaI realized (that) it was her
: than
ella es más alta que élshe is taller than he is
más que nadamore than anything
(expressing permission or desire)
¡que entre!send him in!
¡que te vaya bien!I wish you well!
(used in repeating a statement or question)
¡que no lo toques!I told you not to touch it!
que si quieres másI asked if you wanted more
¿cómo que no lo sabes?what do you mean you don't know?
(indicating a reason or cause)
¡cuidado, que te caes!be careful, you're about to fall!
no provoques al perro, que te va a morderdon't provoke the dog or (else) he'll bite
(indicating a continuing or repeated action)
estaba todo el día corre que (te) correI was running around nonstop all day
es que : the thing is that, I'm afraid that
es que no tengo ganas de irthe thing is that I don't want to go
yo que tú : if I were you

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Sometimes Confused With: qué



English Translation of QUE

: who, that
la niña que vienethe girl who is coming
todos los chicos que están aquíall (of) the boys who are here
es el hombre que llamó ayerhe's the man who called yesterday
no conozco a nadie que lo creaI don't know anyone who believes it
: whom, that
los alumnos que enseñéthe students that I taught
la persona con que hablóthe person with whom he spoke
el hombre al que pertenecethe man to whom it belongs
: that, which
el carro que me gustathe car that I like
el asunto al que hizo referenciathe matter to which she referred
el delito del que fue acusadothe crime of which he was accused
el (la, lo, las, los) que el1, la1, lo1, los1

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