tranquilo = calm adjective




English Translation of TRANQUILO

calmo : calm, tranquil
una vida tranquilaa quiet life
se fueron a vivir a un pueblito tranquilothey went to live in a quiet or peaceful little village
una tarde tranquilaa quiet or peaceful afternoon
es una persona muy tranquilashe's a very calm person
el día del examen estaba bastante tranquilothe day of the exam I was quite calm
contestó muy tranquilo a todas las preguntashe answered all the questions calmly
quédense tranquilos que yo me encargo de tododon't worry, I'll look after everything
tú quédate tranquilo hasta que yo vuelvayou stay put till I come back
¡deja ya tranquilo al pobre chico!leave the poor boy alone!
¡tranquilo, no merece la pena enfadarse!calm down! there's no point getting annoyed
tranquilamente adverb

Examples of TRANQUILO

¡eh, tranquilo, sin empujar! hey, easy does it! no pushing!
tener la conciencia tranquila to have a clear conscience
¡mira que es tranquila! todos esperando y ella como si nada nothing seems to bother her! everyone's waiting and she couldn't care less
se quedó tan tranquilo he didn't bat an eyelid
lo ha suspendido todo y él tan tranquilo he's failed the lot, but it doesn't seem to worry him

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